Welcome to Lilac Howell Films

At Lilac Howell Films, we’re passionate about bringing the qualities of high end, cinematic productions to the corporate market to create truly unique films that leave a lasting impression.

As an award winning creative film company, with a strong background in media marketing, we feel confident in our ability to create stunning visual marketing tools for your business.  

We’ve created many different types of film and animation, for a host of clients across multiple market sectors and all channels of communication.

We do everything in-house. From creative concept development, storyboarding and scripting; to location and studio filming, through to animation and 2D graphics, post-production editing and sound dubbing, motion graphics and stills photography.

This is why we feel we have excelled at gaining a loyal and trusting client base – the likes of ATS Euromaster, Network Rail, Midland Heart, HM Government, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, numerous City Councils across the West Midlands, and a host of SME’s throughout the UK and our work has been broadcast on the BBC, Channel 4, and MTV, and internationally.

Our philosophy

Our mission is simple: We want to create films that entertain, educate and inspire, capturing the most visual and dynamic aspects of your company, with a clear and planned path to reaching your target market.

We believe that before picking up a camera, it’s crucial to understand what results you’re aiming for, who you’re talking to, what it is you have to say and what is your distribution plan for the film.

Our films work because of the care and precision taken over every aspect of production. From ensuring that you have the right distribution strategy in place for the completed film, to the message your film conveys, as well as it look and feel.

Steve Cranston

Creative Director

Steve is the creative and technical genius behind Lilac Howell Films. He has worked on a diverse range of films and animation, with the likes of ATS Euromaster, Network Rail and Midland Heart and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and others too numerous to mention. He has filmed music videos and performances with artists such as Reverend and the Makers and Pixie Lott and has taken a series of films to festivals across Europe.

His passion has and remains taking the creativity of cinematic film making and combining it with marketing nous, to create films that not only deliver a strong message, but are cinematically produced with a clear outcome in mind.

Anthony Howell

Commercial Director

Anthony is the marketing and communications strategy guru at Lilac Howell Films.

During twenty years in the advertising and marketing industry, Anthony has worked for and with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Jaguar Cars, British Airways, British Gas, Land Rover and Scottish Widows, as well as with public sector organisations, voluntary agencies, the NHS, charities and a host of SME’s. He has developed brands, researched and written business, marketing and communications plans and project managed their execution and measurement.

His passion is all about ensuring that whatever the communications tool, it has to maximise a business’ visibility and deliver a measurable impact on its target customer. He believes fervently that film does this by offering the opportunity to show someone something, rather than just telling them.