Galloway Forest Timelapses

Following on from my previous Timelapse film with lots of lessons learned, I took a trip to Galloway Forest in South West Scotland. The park is spans almost 300 square miles and is a dark sky reserve, meaning no light pollution inside specific areas of the park. While I was fortunate with the weather, 3 straight nights of clear skies, I didn’t consider what stage the moon was at *slaps head*. As it was close to a 70% full moon during the weekend I was there, it presented a challenge in effectively capturing the stars – still perseverance paid off in the end.


During the day I thought I’d give Joel (my 6 months old) an induction in timelapse photography:


I used similar kit as before, the Canon 7D with the Canon 16-35mm L 2.8, 24mm L 1.4, Sigma 50mm 1.4 and a Nikon 35mm 1.4. This was rigged up to the Kessler Crane Bloom Pocket Dolly along with the Oracle controller to automate all the tracking.