What is Interactive Video?

Interactive video is a highly popular new form of media that allows users to guide themselves through films by making choices on screen. This is a fantastic way of creating engaging visual content because interactive videos puts the consumer in the driving seat, as their decisions dictate the flow of content and what happens next. Therefore interactive films have proved to be hugely effective as viewers are far more likely to stay engaged and also remember content compared to a regular film.

How it Works.

A traditional or linear video, is the most commonly used form of video to date and in terms of interaction there is a very little, with the only real options being to press play, pause, rewind or fast forward. Whereas with an interactive video, a variety of tools can be added on screen to create dynamic new ways to share content. For example users could be given the option to click, drag, scroll, hover or gesture along with other digital actions to interact and change the content in a way that suits them. There are several different functionalities that could be built into an interactive video but generally the programming is broken down into a series of paths that follow routes determined by the user, as shown to the left. This therefore allows users to find content quickly and easily with options to return if the wrong route is taken.

How our customers are using Interactive Video

Here is a recent project of ours that demonstrates the potential of an interactive video by creating a knowledge hub. In this example an interactive video has been used informatively to answer FAQ’s, as a refreshing alternative to pages of written text or multiple different videos. Here the user can follow the on page questions to direct themselves to answer videos that have been recorded by a member of their team. This is a fantastic way to engage on a personal basis with customers and its beneficial for the user who can find information more efficiently.